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We welcome your own testimonials or pictures of you enjoying Boone's Farm:

Email us at with pictures or stories of how much you enjoy Boone's Farm.

FYI... As we've said before, we are merely the fan club. We do not make, distribute, or receive any compensation (except for awesome memories) from Boone's Farm or E & J Gallo. Unfortunately, we are unable to tell you where to purchase Boone's in your area or if a flavor has been discontinued. Reset assured that we make every attempt to keep the flavor information up to date. Additionally, as much as we'd like to, we cannot entertain your requests for corporate sponsorship because 1) we are not Boone's Farm; and 2) we need all of our money for necessities (food, shelter, strawberry hill). Finally, as much as we love reading your stories and viewing your pictures, we must reiterate that the Boone's Farm Fan Club does not condone or encourage underage drinking. If you still have a question or just want to chat, feel free to email us at the link above!
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