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Read what Boone's Farm drinkers have to say about its deliciousness...

"Nothing like a pull of Boone's Farm to keep the Windsor Canadian down." - Matt (Minnesota)

"My family absolutely LOVES Boone's Farm. Our family reunion is coming up in a few weeks, and on any given reunion over a 3 day period, we go through close to 75-100 bottles of Boone’s!!! No lies. It’s become a tradition to stand in a circle and crack open a bottle or 2 and just pass it around. This year will not be any different." - Josh (Charlotte, NC)

"I recall fondly the discerning Boone's clientele that visited the Utah State Liquor Store where I worked in the early 90s. Boone's topped the fine wine selections, and for beer connoisseurs there was Mickey's Bigmouth. Maddog was stricken from the inventories by that time, which was a major boon for Boone's! Cheers!" - Teller #37, ret.

"My friends and I love the Boone's. Strawberry Hill was a staple during our trip to Myrtle Beach this Summer, and, as a result, one of us ended up pissing his pants in a drug store...and a liquor store...and our hotel room." - Dave (Greensburg, PA)

"I have loved Boone's Farm since I was 14! Now I am 28. . . Go put your hoighty toighty merlots and chardonays away." - Elaina (South Omaha, NE)

"Boone's Farm may not be the cheapest way to get drunk but it is certainly the best." - Steve (Bloomington, IN)

"I'm a 44-year-old male who very well remembers bottle after bottle of Boone's Farm wine back in the late 70's. Ah, those were the days!" - Bob (Hollywood, CA)

"Back in the 70's and early 80's my relatives and friends use to go snowmobiling in winter, boating in summer to Drummond Is. Michigan from Thessalon On. Canada, we drank a lot of Boone's Farm Wine like the Apple, Strawberry Hill and Wild Mountain, it sure was a pleasure to travel along with Boone's Farm Wine. Got to drink some Strawberry Hill last summer and it still taste as good today as it did 30 years ago." - David (Ontario, CA)

"Sun Peak Peach is truly the best peach flavored wine on the market." - Butch (Texas)

"My first experience with Boone's Farm was drinking 4 bottles of Blue Hawaiian wine. I was 16 and it was probably the most fantastic night of my life thanks to Boone's and some Hawaiian goodness!!!!!!!" - Shalene

"I just wanted to say that I make Boones a part of my weekend...every weekend. People know I have arrived because they always hear my "WHERE'S THE BOONES?" when I get there!" - Morgan J.

"When the wife and I have a party, and we bring out the Boone's people say 'Do they still make that? I drank that in High School' and I tell them that it still taste just as good." - Greg

"I just started drinking Sun Peak Peach wine, it is TRULY a refreshing evening drink!!" - Tom (Riffle, CO)

"I like Boone's farm because it is low in alcohol, it is $3.00 a bottle and alot of great flavors. I stock my wine shelf up with it every month. GREAT STUFF!" - Paul

"I purchased two bottles of Boone's in Puerto Rico. It was great!" - Doug (New Zealand)

"Boone's Farm reminds me of my younger days....much, much younger! I believe it cost about 98 cents a bottle back in 1975." - James

"I love Boone's Farm because it goes great with everything." - Kevin
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